Adolescent Reformers Group is devoted to helping families and adolescents struggling with serious behavioral challenges.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a  teenage minor or even younger who is facing behavioral challenges such as drug abuse, skipping school, rebelling against authority, running away from home, or other problems, Adolescent Reformers will make every effort to help you find the help your family needs.

Adolescent Reformers desires to  assist parents in finding the right help for their son or daughter. To accomplish this, we maintain relationships with various boarding schools and aid parents and/or guardians in placing their child in the appropriate institution. Our service is to meet with families in order to direct them to the best help for each unique and individual case. As we have seen firsthand the program structures of these institutions, we know the necessary tools to accomplish the goal of seeing young men and women transform their lives into ones that will contribute to society and create fine young ladies and gentlemen.

Adolescent Reformers works with faith-based, Christian institutions/ While many schools may provide a disciplined environment and endeavor to teach good principles, we believe that only God can truly change hearts. If you are facing a situation in which you do not know what to do, but are looking for help for your son or daughter, please contact us and we can discuss what options may be best for you. In the state of Oklahoma, a face-to-face meeting in your home or another preferred location can be arranged. Otherwise, it may be most beneficial to communicate by telephone and e-mail.

Questions about Adolescent Reformers Group? E-mail or call 405-789-6745. We will be in touch with you shortly. Not sure if you are in need of this kind of service? Just ask, and we can discuss options in a no-obligation setting.

Helping Families With Troubled Teens